Loretta Napoleoni on the Islamic State

"I think what we need to do is realize that the policy that we have carried out until now, military intervention, clearly doesn't work. We have been bombing that region now for thirteen months and the Islamic State is bigger than it was before. "

Italian journalist and terrorism expert Loretta Napoleoni, author of The Islamist Phoenix, at a seminar at Göteborg Book Fair 2015.

Svetlana Alexievich wins Nobel prize in literature

Belarusian author and journalist Svetlana Alexievich has been awarded the 2015 Nobel prize in literature. Her work is a "monument to suffering and courage in our time". Alexievich has participated at the Göteborg Book Fair several times. In 2011 she discussed literature and freedom of expression in Belarus in a seminar at the book fair.

Welcome back next year!

Göteborg Book Fair 2015 is over. It has been four interesting and wonderful days. Welcome back next year, September 22–25. Here you find photos from Göteborg Book Fair 2015.

Manifestation for a humane refugee policy

On Friday afternoon a manifestation for a humane refugee policy was held at the Debate Stage at Göteborg Book Fair.
– Compassion is one of the greatest assets that we humans have. If we rid ourselves of that asset even the richest society will very fast become very poor, said the Archbishop of Sweden Antje Jackelén , one of several speakers at the manifestation.

The Fair is now officially open!

The 2015 Göteborg Book Fair is now officially open. Speakers at the opening ceremony were: Maria Källsson, Book Fair Director, Judit Hammerstein, director of the Balassi Institute, Illugi Gunnarsson, Iceland's Minister of Culture, Alice Bah Kuhnke, Sweden's Minister of Culture and the author Masha Gessen. At the opening a speech written by the Hungarian author Péter Esterházy was read by his Swedish publisher Svante Weyler.

Let the Fair Begin!

Göteborg Book Fair 2015 starts today! Please welcome to four days with Hungarian literature in the spotlight and with special focus on freedom of speech and Icelandic literature!

Tomorrow the 2015 Göteborg Book Fair will open up!

Tomorrow the 2015 Göteborg Book Fair will kick off at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Göteborg. Hungarian literature, Icelandic literature and freedom of speech will leave especially large marks among the more than 3,600 program points during the Book Fair's four Days.

Brazilian comeback at the Book Fair

Last year, Brazilian literature was at the centre of attention at the Göteborg Book Fair. This year the fair visitors can acquaint themselves with other authors, and their works, from this South American country.

Hungary’s many faces at the Göteborg Book Fair

Only one week left until the 2015 Göteborg Book Fair. During four days visitors will get the unique opportunity to discover the richness of Hungarian literature, which is as multi-faceted as the country itself.

Gessen and Laurén on Russia's actions

Who is Putin really and what are today's opposing forces? What is happening in Armenia, Ukraine and Belarus - some of the states influenced by Russian politics. In a new seminar writers Masha Gessen and Anna-Lena Laurén will talk about Russia's actions. Thursday, September 24, 4.00–4.45 pm.

Four action-packed days at the Hungarian stand

There is only about a month left until Hungary takes the Göteborg Book Fair's spotlight.. The Hungarian stand (C02:02) will be brimming with literary events during all four days.

Fellowship Program

Each year, Göteborg Book Fair cooperate with The Swedish Arts Council in a special program for foreign publishers and translators during the book fair. The list of the participants this year is now available.

Animator Catherine Beaunez to participate in freedom of speech seminar

Göteborg Book Fair 2015 will include a special focus on freedom of speech. As a part of that, French animator Catherine Beaunez will visit the fair to participate in a seminar about freedom and freedom of speech.

Author Laini Taylor to Göteborg Book Fair

She's been acknowledged for her way to portrait female characters – and her interaction with her fans. In September, author Laini Taylor will visit Göteborg Book Fair.

Frank Westerman to investigate mystical mass death at the fair this fall

Dutch author and journalist Frank Westerman will visit the Göteborg Book Fair in September.

Sally Green will visit Gothenburg during the Göteborg Book Fair 2015

Sally Green, author of the very successful Half Bad trilogy, will visit Gothenburg during the Göteborg Book Fair September 24-27, 2015.

Trading Scandinavian rights at the IRC

The International Rights Centre is a unique opportunity to survey the Nordic market.

Book your stand

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Focus on Hungary in 2015

This year, Göteborg Book Fair will highlight Hungary – a country with a long and rich literary tradition. Alongside the main Hungarian theme, Icelandic writers will be a prominent feature under the header Voices from Iceland.



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